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Happy New Years
Dec 27 , 2023

The earliest origin of New Year's Day: about 50,000 BC, the ancient Egyptians have changed from nomadic farming, settled on both sides of the Nile, their agricultural harvest and whether the Nile flood has a lot to do with. The ancient Egyptians found from long-term observation that the Nile flood time is regular, they recorded this time on the bamboo pole, from which it was learned that there was about 365 days between the two floods, so the ancient Egyptians set this day as the beginning of the year.

New Year's Day, that is, January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known as "New Year" in most countries in the world.

New Year's Day in modern China, according to the Chinese government listed it as a legal holiday, has become a national holiday. Have a day off, and then often adjust the day before or after the weekend, generally rest for three consecutive days. The celebration of New Year's Day in modern China is much less important than the Spring Festival. General organizations and enterprises will hold year-end collective celebrations, but there are few private activities.

Since the New Year's Day was born during the Republic of China and evolved from the Spring Festival, when China just began to celebrate the New Year's Day, the customs and habits of its celebration are, of course, mostly similar to the Spring Festival, or a reduced version of the Spring Festival. Although some traditional celebration methods are used: such as setting off firecrackers, killing three lives, worshipping ghosts and gods, worshipping ancestors, etc., it does not occupy a very important position in people's minds. In modern times, the custom of celebrating New Year's Day is even simpler.

Three ways to celebrate New Year's Day

The whole of China and even the whole world know that many countries have New Year's Day as a legal holiday and have a holiday on New Year's Day. After the founding of New China, also stipulated that New Year's Day is a legal holiday, a day off.

It is now more common to organize activities by groups, such as New Year's Day parties, hang slogans to celebrate New Year's Day, or hold collective activities. In the past, there were organized gongs and drums, and collective folk dances, which can still be seen on TV documentaries. With the development of science and technology today, it has evolved into a party or something. In recent years, there are tourism, parties and other programs, anyway, there is not too much tradition on New Year's Day, in this day off, as you want to play. Even, New Year's Day only means a one-day holiday for the young generation.

The traditional Chinese way of celebrating lies in the folk, especially in the countryside. Every New Year's Day, every family will set off firecrackers, kill chickens and geese, worship after all the gods, is a family reunion, gather for a meal. As for the more extensive celebration, we haven't seen it yet.

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